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Core Principles 
Core Beliefs


Impossible is temporary.


Integrity is everything.


All inspired people have the capacity to be extraordinary.


Our work has great purpose.



Our business strategy and daily actions are guided by these seven principles:


  • Our passion for innovation drives our delivery of exceptional services.


  • We listen carefully, using what we learn to continuously improve.


  • Our customer's success is the foundation of our success.


  • We strive to deliver the highest level of customer service; excelling in competence, courtesy, proactive communication, and responsiveness.


  • Our culture must promote open communication, absolute transparency and teamwork because working together openly and effectively helps us serve customers better.


  • We maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty in our interactions with customers and with each other.


  • Our decisions deeply consider people, planet, and profit. They are guided first by our core values, which will not be violated to accrue or retain relationships or revenue streams.


Sage was formed in 2001, branching out as the operational division of another company designed to educate and inspire individuals and companies to operate more responsibly.


Understanding that busy people often do not have the time, expertise, and resources to implement, maintain and measure the success of sustainability programs over time, we started to do it for them as a free service.


Our Story



Sage Environmental Services, Inc. is a recognized sustainability leader and pioneering Green Facility Strategy company.   Sage's business model is the cutting edge of How Facilities Thrive™ today, providing facilities with the competitive edge for 100% occupancy tomorrow.   


Sage is on a mission to create significant global impact.  A premier global licensing provider, Sage is privately-owned and administers the How Facilities Thrive™ model around the world, bringing together a global community of leaders to pioneer the industry through Innovation Circles.™


Sage customers seize the opportunity to be part of a global model of sustainable society, one that is economically vibrant and lives within nature’s limits.  It is here that together, we work to transform a prolific but self-destructive way of life into something that can last, an economy of permanence.

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